Friday, May 5, 2017

Fun With Trump Supporters: The Game Intelligent People Can Play With Idiots

I'm shocked that Donald Trump is still occupying the White House, and I'm even more shocked that certain individuals still support him, even seem to love him. These people are what we refer to as morons and assholes. They are awful people, without redeeming characteristics, but that doesn't mean you can't play with them. Ridiculing them won't get them to change their minds about anything, but it can be fun. I haven't been playing as much as I used to, because sometimes I just get too angry and it ceases to be fun. But here is some fun I've had in the last few weeks...

Gloria Hughes (on Facebook, 4-18-17): " Freedom isn't free and never has been. Without war, we would be speaking German. I voted for President Trump, because I have no intention of speaking Arab, Korean or Russian. For those, who come from families that are too cowardly to protect that freedom we have all enjoyed, you are free to leave and go to a Country you feel has more freedom. Otherwise, keep enjoying your freedom off the backs of those, who have brave and sacrificial families, willing to die for your freedom"
My response: "Gloria Hughes, be honest: You couldn't learn Arabic, Korean or Russian."

Donald Sailers (on Facebook, 4-19-17): "can any of you people tell me what has trump ever did to you for you to disrespect him as the president of the USA when he won the office for the American people voted for by the American people,"
My response: " Donald Sailers, can you tell me where you went to school and attempted to learn English?"

Saven Mi (on Facebook, 4-20-17): "Who all is thankful to President Trump for being a man of his word, and doing exactly what he said he was gonna do?"
My response: " A man of his word? Which word, exactly? Because any statement he's made, you can find footage of him saying exactly the opposite. He's a democrat, he's a republican. He's pro-choice, he's against abortion. He thinks Hillary would make a great president, he thinks she's crooked. He loves Meryl Streep, he think she's overrated. By the way, you might recall he promised to release his tax returns. A man of his word?" 
(By the way, this woman who calls herself Saven Mi is a prostitute. The Republican Party sure has changed.) 

Stan Piznarski (on Facebook, 4-22-17): "There is no doubt President Trump will be in the White House for the next eight years"
My response: "Stan, good news! Donald Trump is already dead. We're just waiting for the Republicans to remove his hideous, bloated corpse from the White House. They want to keep it in there for eight years, just as you fear, but the smell is already causing some on the staff to become sick. If you missed the story, as reported in Alternative Facts, here is the link. Enjoy!"

Teresa Mader (on Facebook, 4-22-17):  "Thank you Trump we love you and Melania. Looks like many Americans would rather suck on baby bottles and whine all day instead of work for a living. They just dont get it that American tax payers can no longer afford the milk for their bottles."
My response: "Teresa, who is Melania? No one knows this person. Ivanka is the accepted First Lady at this point. And unless you want to raise the ire of the President, I would forget that other woman's name." 

Rob Brando (on Facebook, 4-25-17): "Build the wall!!!! Don't let the Dems stand in your way!!!!"
My response: "Rob Brando, look at all those exclamation points. You must really want that wall. The only punctuation marks that Trump supporters use are exclamation points. That's because Trump supporters are moronic children who believe that shouting is the only way they'll be heard. Isn't that right, Rob Brando, you little baby?" 

Siretha Brown (on Facebook, 4-25-17): "The polls will say anything to not give the President the praise he deserved. You are winning Mr.President know matter what the polls are consistent of."
My response: "'Know matter,' Siretha Brown? 'Know matter'? Geez, you know what the matter is with you fucking Trump supporters? You're all complete morons."

Maria Elias Lopez (on Facebook, 4-29-17): "Why does he still hold rallies, you ask? Because this is how he keeps in touch with America, without the media twisting his words."
My response: "Actually, Maria Elias Lopez, he continues holding these rallies because he is absolutely desperate for affection. He has a constant need for adoration, a constant need to hear that he's loved, that he's doing a good job. He is delusional and insecure beyond measure. He is one sick fuck. That's why he holds these rallies. That's what you're supporting. Enjoy!" 

Erin Schultz (on Facebook, 4-29-17): "You are amazing!! Thank you. We the people believe in you. Your family is smart and gorgeous. Haters are gonna hate. Class wins every time."
My response: "Erin, you're right! Class wins every time. And no one is more classy than Donald Trump. Like when he bragged about hitting on a married woman and talked about her tits. And then he bragged that because he was a celebrity he could do whatever he wanted to women, even grab them by the pussy. So classy, that Donald. It's also really classy to say you're going to do something, then not do it. Some call that lying. But, Erin, you call that class! Good for you, Erin." 

Jeffrey Wooten (on Facebook, 4-29-17): "I will never forget the day after the election!! Almost every police officer had a big smile, beamed with pride, and felt relieved that 8 years of being disrespected by Obama were over."
My response: "Wow, you went around to look at every single police officer in the country? You are a busy little boy, aren't you, Jeffrey? Yes, you are. Yes, you are." 

Cheryl Mayers (on Facebook, 4-30-17): "Loved every minute of this, President Trump NEEDS to do this otherwise the lame stream media will just twist his words around. He explained his position with China being a currency manupulator and it makes perfect sense - we need China to help keep North Korea in check."
My response: "Cheryl, I'm glad you enjoyed Donald's latest exercise in public masturbation. He'll be releasing a DVD soon in which he just repeats 'I am great' for 90 minutes. I have a feeling you'll be adding to that to your collection." 
My second response: "Oh, Cheryl, when you have finished folding your Nazi flag, you might want to go purchase a dictionary. You seem to be having a bit of trouble with your spelling, darling." 

Dick McElhaney (on Facebook, 4-30-17): "Trump was at his best last night. It's about time the country has been blessed with a president who has gone to work 24/7 to put America and its people first."
My response: "Dick - you don't mind if I call you Dick, right? Anyway, Dick, when you say he's gone to work '24/7,' what exactly do you mean? Clearly you don't mean he works 24 hours a day seven days a week. I mean, he doesn't even work 24 hours a week. So what do you mean precisely, Dick? You're still okay with me calling you Dick, right? Oh, maybe you were being sarcastic. Were you being sarcastic, Dick?" 

Brian Shy (on Facebook, 5-3-17): "I hope all sanctionary cites loose all federal funding if they don't comply . Let them stand their ground and find out the hard way"
My response: "Trump supporters continue to struggle with simple spelling and grammar. Professional moron Brian Shy writes, 'I hope all sanctionary cites loose all federal funding.' Of those nine words, three are mistakes. First, Brian, it is 'sanctuary.' Second, you meant to type 'cities,' not 'cites.' And the third error is your use of the word 'loose' when you what you meant is 'lose.' Please return to school before posting any other messages online. Thank you." 
Brian Shy: " Go to school to preach spelling and grammar if you are worried about it . This is not a class . Now back to the best president we ever had is the topic here i"
Brian Shy (responding to a comment I made to another person): "You do have rights and freedoms . You have the right to leave the country and the freedom to choose which one you want to go to"
My response: "Brian Shy, I told you to refrain from posting comments until you've gone back to school."
Then: "And Brian, your last post seems like something you read, not something you thought of yourself. My guess is you are incapable of actual thought. Perhaps it is simply because you are uneducated. I'd prefer to think of you as ignorant rather than an asshole, because I'm in the mood to be nice."
Brian Shy: "Haha Michael the liberal troll . More worried about insults and spelling than topics lol"
Brian Shy: " At least I went . I think your mom home schooled you . Did she pass you after the second grade or give up on you"
My response: "Brian Shy, there you go again. Folks, Brian Shy is typical of the Trump supporter - a complete and utter moron without an original thought, without compassion, without understanding, but with a few phrases and words he can recall from speeches and rallies, phrases and words he clings to as Truth, phrases and words he takes to bed and is comforted by."  
My last response to Brian Shy: "One last thing, Brian. I don't believe you went to school. Or, at least, I don't believe you paid any attention. The proof is in your original post, which I commented on already. But a reminder: 'Sanctionary'? Now, good night, stupid person, and may flights of angels shit on your face as you sleep."   

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