Sunday, February 28, 2010

Listening to the Grateful Dead. A thirty-nine minute version of "The Other One" from 1972. I'll be posting a review of this recording on Suite 101, but for now i'm just enjoying it. I love Phil's bass line in this song, always have.

Tomorrow is the long drive to Hawthorne (where?) for a fitting for something they're calling "Manhattan." Of course there already was a film with that title - one of my favorite films of all time - so you can bet that title won't be the one attached to this movie when it's released. A confidentiality agreement prohibits me from revealing the real name of the film (wait, i haven't yet signed that agreement, so... No, i need the work).

But Hawthorne? The fitting is on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Ave. A long drive for a wardrobe fitting in a car with no stereo.
It's four in the morning, i've just created this page, and i'm already thinking of changing the name. How do i do this? The cord to my computer is making a high-pitched whining sound, and i'm exhausted. It's four in the morning. (How many songs can you think of that take place at four in the morning? Right now i can think of only two.) Anyway, here, it's done, created, so i'm off to bed. There is a giant furry coat on my bed. Thus the name. I guess the name stays. For now anyway.