Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So this happened...

I was walking home, and I heard what I thought were two cars of morons yelling at each other while heading north on Tujunga. It turns out it was just one car of morons.  But they were yelling loudly enough that I heard them more than a block away.  I thought my usual, "I fucking hate people, and I wish all morons would vanish from the planet."  Anyway, the car turned onto Chandler and passed me, its front passenger door wide open. Brilliant. Finally the car stopped, and the passenger stumbled out into the street.  The other three people in the car kept yelling at him, and then the driver got out, leaving his door wide open as well.  But instead of helping his friend back into the car, he started punching him in the face. He knocked him down, and his head hit the edge of the sidewalk. The sound of his skull hitting the concrete was one of the worst sounds I've ever heard.

By now a few people had come of the nearest building, and someone called 911. Also, the other two passengers in the car - two horribly stupid women - were now out.  One of them went over to the guy on the ground and told him to get up. But that guy was not moving.  She just kept telling him to get up.  The other woman, perhaps the most stupid bitch on the planet, explained the situation to those who had gathered.  She said, "They just had too much beers."  That's what she said by way of explanation and, possibly, excuse. "They just had too much beers." As if having too much to drink made it okay that one of her friends was possibly dead on the side of the road. "They just had too much beers." Now, setting aside for the moment her complete lack of skills regarding language, her sentence leads to one obvious question. Why the fuck would you let a guy who "had too much beers" drive a car?  And why would you be a passenger in that vehicle?  So instead of these guys just being violent assholes, one of them was also a drunk driver.  Nice. 

By the way, even with my quick pace, an ambulance was there before I'd managed to get beyond eyesight of these people.  This whole thing happened very close to the North Hollywood fire station.  So maybe the guy is okay.  I don't know.  I do hope that the guy that punched him ends up in jail for a long time, and that this incident causes all four to rethink their lives a bit.  Maybe it will be enough.  Maybe that woman will even go back to high school and finish her education.