Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump Supporters Are Idiots, Round Nine: Velvet Rozanne Bennett

I posted today's Alternative Fact on Donald Trump's Facebook page (as I do most days), and several of his supporters just did not enjoy it. One idiot - Velvet Rozanne Bennett - really struggled with the post's presence, and decided to engage me in an exchange. She posted a couple of comments, to which I did not respond, but that did not deter her. She kept up with it, and so I replied. Here is our exchange:

Velvet Rozanne Bennett: Idiot! Omg! You people are pathetic!
(no response from me)
Velvet Rozanne Bennett Michael Derp! Lmao! Your profile picture says all I need to know pinhead!
(no response from me) 
Velvet Rozanne Bennett: Michael Doherty. Please stop trying to sound "intelligent" or "humorous", you're failing miserably at both. Lmao! 
My response : Velvet Rozanne Bennett, I don't accept suggestions from adults who type "Lmao!" I insist on actual words. Good luck!
She also responded to another person's comment: Omg! You're so wrong! Republicans are the ones that pay for welfare idiot!
My response: Velvet Rozanne Bennett, also adults who type "Omg" are people I think very little of. I do, however, like your name.
Velvet Rozanne Bennett: And Michael Doherty, you have nothing but a stupid grin and a snarky attitude! Cheers beotch!
My response: Velvet Rozanne Bennett, also "beotch" is not a word.
Velvet Rozanne Bennett: Michael Doherty. That's it? That's all you got? Pathetic libtard!
My response: Velvet Rozanne Bennett, and "libtard" is not a word. Velvet, you're not very smart, are you? That's okay. Being an idiot doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. Keep reaching for the stars!
Velvet Rozanne Bennett: And by the way the word beotch, it is a word if you choose to avoid excessive profanity. But then, you wouldn't understand, you can't think that deep. Lmao!
My response: Velvet Rozanne Bennett, no, it's not a word. But I do wish you luck in all your endeavors. Such as pouring milk into a glass and tying your shoes and figuring out which bus stop is yours.
Velvet Rozanne Bennett: Michael Doherty, quit trolling and get a life loser!
My responseVelvet Rozanne Bennett, you seem to be forgetting that you decided to comment on my post, not the other way around. So you may kindly go fuck yourself now. Amen.

And that put an end to our exchange. Velvet chose not to respond. But I do wish her luck in all her struggles.

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