Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump Supporters Are Horrible People

We already know that Trump supporters are not the brightest folks around. But it is alarming to me just how awful these people are.

An individual named Gina Vaughan commented on a post that I had left on Donald Trump's Facebook page. This is what Gina had to say: "Michael Doherty You're not even American dipwad... shut youir coxhoslter and worry about the muzziees that have overrun London"

I responded: "Gina Vaughan, I think you took a double dose there. Your drug intake should be supervised." And then I went to Gina's page, and she has her personal settings such that anyone apparently can comment on her posts. And so I did. She had shared a photo poking fun at the truth of James Comey's statement.

I commented: "Gina, you're a dipshit. Good luck to you on all your endeavors, such as tying your shoes, parking your car, memorizing the alphabet." And that set off a string of comments from Gina and a couple of her friends. Here is that exchange (note particularly that comment from Jeffrey N. Ponzio): 

Note that while Gina brags about being incredibly intelligent, she erroneously uses the word "lay" in place of "lie." But her buddy Jeffrey is even worse, even typing "Fucking faggot." Nice. By the way, Jeffrey's settings are such that anyone can leave a comment on his posts as well (so if you are so inclined, you can tell that bastard exactly what you think of him).

Here are a couple of the posts on Jeffrey's Facebook page:

And here is a photo that Gina Vaughan posted on her page:

Frightening. Here is one more post from Gina's page:

So this is the type of person that supports Donald Trump. This is the type of person we are dealing with here. Both Gina and Jeffrey are racists with violent tendencies.

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