Sunday, May 14, 2017

Trump Supporters Are Idiots, Round Eight

Friends, do you remember Brenda Collins of San Angelo, Texas? She was the subject of Trump Supporters Are Idiots, Round Seven. Well, today she allowed her stunning intellect to shine once again. I had posted today's alternative fact on Melania Trump's Facebook page. Here it is:

Today's alternative fact (to help you get through the day): Hoping to coax Melania back into bed with him (on those nights when Ivanka is otherwise occupied), Donald Trump has given her the state of Hawaii to do with as she will. Melania is reportedly thrilled with her gift, noting that it is located some distance from Washington, D.C. When Donald's consultants pointed this out to him, he told them to see about exchanging the gift for Virginia or possibly Maryland.

Brenda Collins responded: "Michael Doherty You are a lying sack of manure."

You'd think after our previous exchange, she would have known where I was coming from. But that of course is overestimating the intelligence of Brenda Collins and her ilk. She actually believes that I think Donald Trump gave Melania the state of Hawaii, that it is in Donald's power to do so. Wow. Here is my response to her: "Brenda Collins, you might be my favorite of all the idiots. You still don't have a grasp on the idea of what an 'alternative fact' is, do you, honey? Life must be difficult for you."

This makes me wonder how these people are able to function. Life really must be difficult for them. Unless, of course, they are so hopelessly stupid that they don't even realize how difficult a time they're having. In which case, perhaps they are the happiest people on the planet. I don't know. Any thoughts on the matter, Brenda Collins? 

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