Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trump Supporters Are Idiots, Round Five

I've discovered that Trump supporters are either idiots or assholes, so it's best to assume - should you come across one - that he or she is an idiot. It's the kinder way to approach the situation. And certainly it is the case with regards to Dannett Scappaticci (@MrsScappaticci on Twitter).

I had posted a link to today's alternative fact on Donald Trump's page, and Dannett Scappaticci took it upon herself to respond.

Here is what she wrote: Another idiot who gets his info from bloggers lol

An interesting idea, since I am a blogger, and the link she commented on was to my blog. But I'm sure that she didn't recognize how silly her post was.

So I went to her Twitter page to see what other nonsense she'd been posting. And there was certainly a lot of it. She had "re-tweeted" this little gem from a real winner named Mark Dice: Has ISIS infiltrated Berkeley - or are those just Anti-Trump protesters? It's impossible to tell the difference anymore.

My response: Intelligent people can tell the difference. But for Trump supporters, I understand everything is difficult.
(And I included a link to one of my "Fun With Trump Supporters" posts.)

Dannett Scappaticci then felt a need to respond. This was her brilliant response: Intelligence is a word you should never use as it was never used to describe you lmao

My response: "Intelligence" is a noun, moron, so it's not used to describe people.

(By the way, I think very little of people who type "lol" and "lmao." Also, I suspect they're liars. Are they really laughing out loud?)
Dannett Scappaticci, being too stupid to understand she should quit, then typed this:  Actually youre just a moron. But hey keep going its quite comical

My response: If you're going to call someone a "moron," make sure you don't have spelling and grammatical errors in your post. Geez, you're an idiot.

Yes, Dannett Scappaticci is the type of person that supports Donald Trump.

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