Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fun With Trump Supporters: We Have To Find Some Use For These People

Many of the so-called Trump supporters on Facebook and Twitter are actually fabrications (like Sasha Petrin, for example). They are not real people. I noticed that the exact same comments (with the exact same spelling and grammatical errors) would show up on various posts. So there are fewer Trump supporters than what a casual glance at Donald's Facebook page might suggest. But the fact that anyone still supports this mendacious prick is alarming and depressing. What I've found is that these people are ignorant, racist morons, who are clinging to this man because he is just like them (except that he is rich and they are not). There is no sense in trying to educate them because they have a tendency to ignore facts. So all we can do is play with them. Nothing wrong with that. Let the games continue!

Becky Anne Wheeler Brown (on Facebook, 3-31-17): "We've got your back President Trump!! We know who the corrupt government is and what their wanting!! Your doing a great job!! We trust you to drain the swamp!!"
My response: "Becky Anne Wheeler Brown, your grasp on the English language is what's wanting here. Let's take a look at what you wrote: 'We've got your back President Trump!! We know who the corrupt government is and what their wanting!! Your doing a great job!! We trust you to drain the swamp!!' Okay, first, you need a comma after 'back.' Then eliminate the second exclamation point. Using more than one exclamation point is a sign of someone not having progressed beyond the fourth grade. Also, please learn the difference between 'their' and 'they're.' And the difference between 'your' and 'you're.' Once you've mastered these basics, please feel free to post your thoughts on Facebook. But until then, keep your asinine thoughts to yourself."

Francis Allen (on Facebook, 3-31-17): "Best President EVER!!! Who would have thought that keeping campaign promises would be such a novelty? It has felt like Christmas morning since President Trump was elected. It just keeps getting better and better! Thank you Mr. President!"
My response: "Francis Allen, I agree! This is just like Christmas morning. Every Christmas, we have certain traditions in my family. First, Santa grabs my sister by the pussy. Then my dad hides his tax returns and calls his friends in Russia. My mom disappears for long periods of time. No affection is shown between my parents, except when other relatives show up later in the day to take photos. My crazy Aunt Kellyanne gets drunk and tells us fantastic tales of terror until my dad tells her to shut up. And when our Mexican neighbors come over to give us baked goods, we lock our door and pretend we can't hear them."

Anne Connors (on Facebook, 3-31-17): "It's all just so good. I'm so sorry we've become a nation of critics. I guess we've just had such horrible leadership, politicians and news for so long we're jaded. But things are on the mend. Thank you President Trump!"
My response: "I agree, Anne! Things are on the mend. Now that we've gotten rid of clean water, education, immigrants, women's health care, and democracy, this country can get back to what's really important: making money." 

Cecile Moore (on Facebook, 4-1-17): " These negative comments about Trumo are ridiculous especially I'm leaching him. He hasn't done anything to warrant impeaching. They need to go after all the Democrats who've been dealing with Russia. .. like Hillary and her uranium deal and her right hand man, Podesta, getting $35 million from them for a business he was involved in while working for Hillary. What about Comey and his letting her off the hook. And now it's come out some HIGH level Obama official is involved with all the surveillance of the Republican candidates. Probably Obama!!! And you're calling for impeach ing Trump. GET A LIFE."
My response: "Cecile, who is Trumo? And what do you mean, you're leaching him? Are you some kind of doctor who time-traveled from a couple of centuries ago? And if you have a time-traveling device, could you use it to go back to November (or even earlier) and get rid of Donald Trump for us? We would all consider you a hero." 

Sharon Love (on Facebook, 4-1-17): "Yeah ok, when all else fails, start with the name calling.... Iam referring to non Trump supporters who do nothing but whine, disrupt, lie, obstruct, collaborate, with the Democratic politicians, who obviously are not serving the american people as a whole by all of the constant, complaining, whining and obstruction.... BTW, the "kool aid" has been shared by those who are blind by the propaganda and brain washing that has spread by the Democrats and establishment elite.....Seems to me, if your not part of the solution, you are part of the problem...."
My response: "Sharon, please learn the difference between 'your' and 'you're.' It seems Trump supporters have a mighty tough time with that one. I'm thinking of holding an online English class exclusively for Trump supporters. Try to get you at least up to, say, the fifth grade reading level." 

Sylvia Petrosky (on Facebook, 4-1-17): "You are doing a good job for America, and I thank you. However, there are a lot of snakes in the swamp of Washington DC, be careful who you trust on both sides of the aisle. Dimms cannot be trusted, and not all republicans can be trusted. I pray for God to give you guidance and discernment. God can be trusted. God bless."
My response: "Sylvia, I've been getting some new information that hints that God actually can't be trusted. I hear God has been talking with some reporters over at the New York Times, and it seems also that God might have been listening in on some of Trump's phone conversations at Trump Tower. I think it's time to lock God up." 

Sam Jacobs (on Facebook, 3-30-17): "Ivanka cops lots of hate from the liberal media - despite being a respectable lifelong member of the Democrats. They eat their own so fast."
My response: "Wait, folks, Sam has a good idea here. Cannibalism. If we actually devour Ivanka, as he suggests, as well as Donald, Melania, Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos, Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, then they won't be able to come back. Sure, it's a tough meat to swallow, and we'll likely get sick. But won't it be worth it? They'll be gone for good, and we can get things back to normal." 

Mark Wilfong (on Facebook, 4-3-17): "All these anti Trump people I feel your pain. I know what your going through. I was a victim of presidential genocide myself the last 8 years. I can assure you the pain you feel will leave on the next election just like mine was this past Nov. Now go troll another page. We get it, you don't like him. But that's ok, now you know how we felt. Now suck it up buttercups!!"
My response: "Mark Wilfong, please learn the difference between 'your' and 'you're.' And don't use words like 'genocide' until you've looked them up in a dictionary. Thanks, Mark." 

Cary Caylor (on Facebook, 4-5-17): "Things are getting better already in America... God is back in the picture... family values... Trump is going to make the world a better place .. especially if we are at peace with ex cold war era countries... God is Good...!!!!"
My response: "Cary Caylor, I agree! Things are so much better now that we're getting rid of the environment and national parks and clean air and food for the elderly and public television. I didn't see the picture of God that you mentioned. Could you forward it to me? I was wondering what the old guy looks like now." 

Jeannie Scheihing (on Facebook, 4-5-17): "Thank God for President Trump please God help him take back our country. Praying for you and your beautiful family everyday."
My response: "Jeannie, I was just talking with God, and he told me that he actually thinks Donald Trump is a racist dingbat, and that those people who still support him are deserving of an eternity of punishment. It might just be his mood, you know, but still, I would certainly be wary of voicing support for Trump on Facebook, as God tells me he wastes a lot of time on here reading these comments." 
(I went to Jeannie's Facebook page, and she had all sorts of nonsense on there, including that Barrack Obama's birth certificate had been forged, something a friends of hers named Jim Buzzell put on her page. That led me to post this response directly on her page: "You twits sure have your own version of reality going. Good for you. But please stay the hell out of mine. Thanks.") 

On April 6th, I posted this comment on the Republican Facebook page: "I didn't hate the Republican Party until today. Now I think you're all enemies of democracy."
Derrick McCord's response: "You are an idiot, this man is the most qualified person to be in the supreme court right now. Not republicans fault democrats cant get past losing and election, and this is all about losing."
My response: "Derrick McCord, wow, you bloody moron. If you're going to call someone an 'idiot,' you ought to make sure you don't have all sorts of grammatical errors in your comment. Geez. Derrick, you are exactly the type of dipshit that supports Donald Trump. Good for you."    
My second response: "Also, Derrick, what you said in your error-ridden message is completely incorrect. Someone as stupid as you should probably keep his thoughts to himself." 
Derrick McCord: "Dude really? I'm looking at your facebook, and i see all kinds of grammatical errors'. Lets get back too the point, which is about you being a liberal tard. Instead of coming back with substance to retort my post, you skirt the issue like a classic democrat tweeker, because you have nothing of value to add to this conversation. If you're going to make blank statments, atleast have some form of argument to validate what you said to begin with. Brian Hughes I would love to meet him aswell, shake his hand and what not..... Hahahaha" 
My response: "Yes, really. And no, you have no point. Derrick, you are worthless. I'm not engaging you in a discussion, because I am certain you have nothing of interest to say, to contribute. Believe what you will; it is meaningless. Say what you wish; it is irrelevant. By the way, I think you meant to type 'blanket statements,' not 'blank statments.' But again, you're a moron, so that sort of mistake is to be expected." 

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