Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump Supporters Are Idiots, Round Three

Trump supporters are somehow actually becoming more stupid. I didn't think it was possible, but it's happening. Perhaps it's a defense mechanism. After all, the shit Donald is tossing out there is getting crazier and more screwed up, and so if someone is going to continue to support him, he or she basically has to just turn off his or her brain completely. Otherwise, it would be impossible to carry on.

Anyway, on Donald Trump's Facebook page, I posted this: "Don't believe anything Donald Trump says. He can't stop lying. He even lied about the weather at his inauguration. He lied about how many people were at his inauguration. And his administration lies too. They make up massacres. Spicer even lied about Donald Trump not owning a bathrobe. It's completely insane. Anyone with any sense has to question every single statement that Donald or anyone in his administration makes. Yes, it's exhausting, I understand that. But don't give in!"

The first response my post got was this from Joanne Marie: "odumbo is the KING of liers!!"

I didn't know what to make of that, so I didn't respond at first. I thought in saying "odumbo" she was referring to Donald Trump, that she was actually agreeing with me. But I was bothered by her use of more than one exclamation point and by her misspelling of "liars." Also, I was troubled by the fact that she did not begin her sentence with a capital letter. I wondered if perhaps our side was getting stupid too. But it turns out, no, "odumbo" was her word for Obama. (I didn't realize that until another person posted this response: "Joanne Marie sorry, hon, no longer about PRESIDENT OBAMA .... now it's all about #45." At that point, I responded to Joanne: "Joanne Marie, I wasn't sure if you were referring to Trump with 'odumbo.' Wasn't clear. What is clear is that you misspelled 'liars.'")

The next response was from Lin Renaud: "Dry up crybaby."

This was a little better, I suppose. Of course, she needed a comma after "up," but other than that, she didn't really make any mistakes in her three-word response. It's still a stupid thing to say, obviously.

My response to Lin: "Lin Renaud, I take it you are without any sense. (And from looking at your Facebook page, you've also got a gambling problem.)"

Seriously, check out her Facebook page. Every post is related to gambling. It seems that she spends her entire day gambling online. She posts links like these: "Lin is playing poker!"; "Help me out! Play my slot machine and get free chips for you and me!"

Things get stranger and more ridiculous with Lori James' response. Here is what she posted: "Michael Doherty Please quit hurling insults at our President. Those that do this are no longer Americans! True Americans treat their Presidents with respect even when they disagree with them. They don't bad mouth them. So un-American! If you must, go live in N. Korea."

My first response to Lori: "Lori James, wrong, wrong, wrong. The so-called president is an insult to our country. Our feelings about this man have nothing to do with North Korea. I'm not sure why you are trying to draw a connection there."

That didn't address everything in her post, so I added this: "Lori James, also, how is calling a liar a liar an insult? Donald Trump is a liar. That's what he is. Lying is what he does every time he speaks. If he sang, we'd call him a singer. But he lies. So there you have it."

Jason Briggs posted this response: "Cry more, cuck.

You might have noticed that crazy Trump supporters (sorry, that's redundant) are using odd words to try to insult those of us who use our brains. "Snowflake" is a new favorite. And for some reason they've also been using "cuck." It makes no sense, of course, but perhaps they don't know what a cuckold is.

My response to Jason Briggs: "Jason Briggs, what is this obsession with cuckoldry? Are you having personal issues with your wife?"


Wow, all capital letters, except of course one word that needed a capital letter - his fucking name. Bob is particularly stupid. Here is my response to his post: "Robert Allan, none of that will matter when the environment is destroyed, democracy disappears, and education is ruined. And also, it's off the topic, isn't it? I was talking about his absolutely psychotic need to tell lies. But while we're on this, Trump has also lied in taking credit for jobs that he had nothing to do with. Also, the border security? His promising to have Mexico pay for his absurd wall will also prove to be a lie." 

Robert Allen then posted this reply: "MR PRESIDENT IS WORKING FOR ALL GOOD LUCK MR PRESIDENT bob" 

He must think very little of himself, as he again did not capitalize his own name. I also think very little of him. 

Piper Leah had this to say: "Michael - How much did 'George Soros' pay you for your Negative post???"

My response: "Piper Leah, putting multiple questions marks at the end of your sentence doesn't make it more of a question. And why is George Soros' name in quotation marks? Also, why did you capitalize "Negative"? Also, how can you can consider my post negative when I end it with "Don't give in"? I'm trying to be positive. But anyway, to answer your stupid question, I did not get paid to post this."

Piper Leah is a nut. A few days before the inauguration, she posted this on her Facebook page: "3 days and counting...he will save us all." And she concluded that statement with a smiling face. Oh my. Interestingly, like Lin Renaud, Piper Leah spends a lot of her time gambling online. And her Facebook profile photo is a picture of a dog. 

And then there is this, which is unrelated to my own post. Cory Cook today posted this on the so-called president's Facebook page: "I went to an African American barber who passed away before the election, but everyone in the shop agreed that they were voting for Donald J Trump. He is the most pro African American president we've ever had! God bless!" 

I had to respond to that nonsense. Here is my response: "Cory Cook escaped from the hospital. He is considered absolutely fucking nuts, but not dangerous. Still, it's best not to approach him until he's taken his medication. If you see Cory Cook, please call the authorities. Do not attempt to converse with him."

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