Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump Supporters Are Idiots, Round 2

I'm not sure why Trump supporters keep trying to engage me, but there is some amusement to be had from such exchanges, I suppose. Again, this was in response to a message I had sent to Jackie Evancho, which read, "Just curious: are you regretting your choice to perform for Donald Trump yet?"

Today a person calling himself Johndj @jde62 replied to that message, and here is our brief exchange:
  • Johndj: Why Should she Michael? Fancy attacking a 16yr old girl is that the sort of tolerance u believe in
  • Me: Not an attack, actually. But thanks for playing.
  • Johndj: Seems like an attack to me ....still your a grown man she is a teenager which says it all
  • Me: Did you mean "you're"?
  • Johndj:  Hate to break it to you Im not a teenage girl so reserve your advances to them
  • Me: Your control of the language and grammar is not quite up to the teenage level, I agree.
  • Johndj: I had to lower it to your level :)
  • Me: Nice try, but no.
  • Johndj: What are you trying to say ?
  • Me: What I am saying is that you're a moron, as seems to be the case with most (if not all) Trump supporters.

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