Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Messages To Donald Trump's Fans

I'm trying to keep my sense of humor, which is difficult these days, as you know. One way I've found to have a little fun and blow off some steam is responding to some of the crazy shit that Trump supporters post online. Here are a few of the many comments I've posted.

Angel Serenity (on Facebook, 2-4-17): They may try to stand in the way, but the Trump Train is comming through, so it's best to not stand on the tracks it wont be stopped.
My response: Angel, you probably meant to type "coming," not "comming." And "won't," not "wont." And you probably meant to put some sort of punctuation after "tracks."
My second responseAngel, I stand corrected. I took a look at your Facebook page, and you're clearly a moron. So I'm certain now you didn't mean to type "coming" or "won't," and that you would have no idea what sort of punctuation would be applicable after "tracks." Sorry.

Madonna Dixon (on Facebook, 2-4-17): I did not realize how divided obummer made AMERICA until you started trying to put AMERICA back together again!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My response: Madonna Dixon, you must really mean what you say. Look at all those exclamation points! So many of them! Clearly, you are a very passionate person, and easily excitable. I don't think I've ever seen so many exclamation points. And all those capital letters too. Wow, you really want people to wake up. I can't imagine they won't listen to you, what with all those exclamation points.
Sher Starr (on Facebook, 2-4-17): Don't give up or give in! I am a single mom and an under-employed school teacher in California, and I gave to your campaign (which I have never done before) and with all my heart I have to believe and pray that you are God's man for this hour!!! I am praying for you daily, sir!
My response: You're a teacher? That's frightening and depressing.

Charlotte Blevins (on Facebook, 2-4-17): Please stay the course! You're perfect! I'm trying to help by joining Air Force Nat'l Guard to keep America and her President safe!
My response: Poor Charlotte. So confused. Do you really think Donald Trump is perfect? Do you recall this wonderful thing he said: "I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look....I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything." 

Tony Paschal (on Facebook, 2-4-17): Its going to be a real fight to save this country, but let the fight begin. Can you imagine how far left into the Abyss this country would have slipped under Hillary. Trump is a little gruff and makes leftest heads pop, but God answered my prayers with his arrival. Fight the good fight Trump.
My response: Tony, you prayed for a racist, abusive, narcissistic, mendacious, misogynist twit? 

Dave Hensley  (on Facebook, 2-6-17): Doing an excellent job President Trump were 100% behind you and thanks for all that you're doing God bless you and your family
My response: Dave, you probably meant to type something like this: "Doing an excellent job, President Trump. We're 100% behind you. Thanks for all that you're doing. God bless you and your family." You might want to proofread your nonsense before posting it. I mean, you don't want people to think you're an idiot, do you? 

Linda Lewis-Weissinger (on Facebook, 2-6-17): Mr President don't focus on this crap. That is Satan's way of distracting you from important matters. Focus on on Creators plan. Praying for you to stay Focused

My responseSatan's way? Are you completely off your rocker? If any of Linda's neighbors or friends are paying attention, please go help her with her medication. She's speaking gibberish again. Oh, poor Linda, it might be another trip to the loony bin for you. Good luck.

Helen Ann Mason (on Facebook, 2-6-17): Dear Lord please protect Our President Donald Trump from all the crazy people liberals and Democrats Please let him do his job peacefully to help make America great!He gave up so much to do this for all of us!!!
My response: Gave up so much? Helen, what are you on about now? Have you gone mad? What precisely did he give up? Seriously, I want to know what you think this rich, mendacious narcissist gave up. And this has nothing to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. Trump was registered as both. He has no ideology. He only cares about himself. He couldn't give a shit about you, Helen. He'd push you in front of a train if it would help him in some way. He'd do the same to Melania. He is incapable of compassion or empathy.

Brittany Cobgill  (on Facebook, 2-6-17): Thank you Trump!! So many people absolutely love you! Don't worry about what all the crazy people are saying and lead our country. We know you are a good man! Pray for everyday!
My response: Brittany, do you really believe Donald is "a good man"? Do you remember this little nugget that he uttered: "I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look....I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything." Are those the words and thoughts of a good man? 

Kat Barret (on Facebook, 2-6-17): Happy Birthday, President Trump! May God lead and guild you, and give you wisdom each day. May God finish the good work He has begun in you, and bless you with His peace, strengthen you, and keep you as you navigate through deep waters.
My response: I don't understand how the religious people can get behind Donald Trump. He's on his, what, third marriage. He's cheated on previous wives, raped one wife, bragged about abusing other women. He is certainly not a moral person. So why the support? Seriously. Tell me why. 
(Kat Barret did not respond, but an idiot named Cindi James did.)
(A side note: Kat Barret is also wrong about it being Donald Trump's birthday on February 6th. Donald's birthday is in June.) 
Cindi JamesMichael Doherty , we support President Trump because he is a whole hella lot better than that traitor Barack Obummer, at least he loves America and American's more than foreigner's like Obummer did, at least he wants to keep our Country safe, unlike Obummer did, and at least he don't give away our hard earned tax dollars to foreigner's like Obummer did, and at least he believes in saving babies from being slaughtered like Obummer did, and at least he wants to put God and the Bible back in the Schools unlike Obummer did, I can go on and on.....JOHN 8:7 'Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone"
My response to Cindi: Cindi, you might recall that Donald was not running against Obama. And don't type childish nonsense like "Obummer." That makes you seem like even more of an idiot than you likely are.
My second response to Cindi James: Cindi James, you're clearly a mess. Your lack of basic language skills makes me question whether you had any schooling whatsoever, so perhaps it's easy to understand how you could be so easily swayed by someone like Donald Trump.
My third response: So, is there anyone who is religious and who supported Trump who can actually put a sentence together? If so, please explain to me how you can support Donald Trump. We've already heard from the absolutely moronic group. Thank you, Cindi James. Now let's hear from the others.
But of course it was Cindi that again responded.
Cindi James: Michael Doherty , I am not religious, I am a Christian, there is a difference, religion is following a set of rules, usually man-made rules, Christianity is having a relationship with Jesus Christ, it's obvious you are uneducated in the things of God, it would takes me days, perhaps years to teach you, a good place for you to start is the Holy Bible, that is if you even believe there is a God, in which case if you don't, then I can't help you.
My response to Cindi James: Cindi James, again, completely beside the point. But thanks for playing, Miss Non-religious Christian. 

Ryan Wicks  (on Facebook, 2-6-17): I have compiled a list of everyone who supports Trump, and everyone who doesn't.
For Trump: Common sense Americans
Not for Trump: Facists, and Casey Anthony
Which list are you on?

My response: Ryan, did you spend a lot of time making your list? Hours? Days? Is your list the result of hundreds of hours of thought and research? Is this as creative and clever as anyone on Earth can ever hope you to be? Ryan, is this your proudest moment? Are your teachers coming out now to claim you as a successful example of their work? Will you be showing this list to your children and grandchildren in the coming years? Have you framed your list yet? Does it hold a special place in your home? Do neighbors stop by to stare at it in awe and wonder? Will your list get you a guest spot on a local news program? Ryan, you are a special boy. (By the way, you misspelled "fascists.")

Shanish Ujoodha (on Facebook, 2-7-17): No one is more hated than he who speak the the Truth!!! Where are the silent majority supporting Donald J. Trump??Trump is a fighter & he needs you! Do not show weaknesses to your enemies,oppose them!! Voice out & support Trump!!! Make America great & safe Again!!!
My response: Donald Trump has yet to speak the truth on any subject. He is completely full of shit. Follow him if you want, but be honest about the man you are following. Know that he is only out for himself. He doesn't care about you at all. You can still follow him, of course, but don't kid yourselves. And don't feed the rest of us any bullshit. We've had it.

Daryl Wiebe  (on Facebook, 2-10-17):  He talks to people. He listens to people. All kinds of people regardless of how much money they have in their pocket. This is a very different kind of president. He sincerely cares.
My response: Daryl Wiebe, are you completely off your rocker? He listens to people who aren't rich? Where did you hear that one? Or are you just a lunatic? Donald cares about just one person: Donald. If you have something good to say about Donald, there is a chance he will listen to you. But, let's face it, you have to be rich and have something good to say about Donald.

Marla Turnbow  (on Facebook, 2-10-17): Remember President Trump, there is more than one way to skin a cat, getter done, we are behind you 110% thank you for trying to keep us safe.
My responseMarla, you are not 110% behind him. That is actually impossible. And what kind of nonsense is "getter done"? Are you a moron?

Erica Mouzakis  (on Facebook, 2-10-17): I pray for you everyday Mr. President. I will keep on praying for you to be safe and to succeed. God bless you and your beautiful family!
My response: You might also consider praying for the woman he likely raped, and for all of those he ripped off with his fake university. And how about praying for the black people that he refused housing with the real estate that he owns? Do you pray for them too? You might also want to pray for the families that are being torn apart after immigration raids occurred in southern California. And you might really consider praying for the refugees he wants to turn away from our country. They are going to need to your prayers.

Lydia Frescaz (on Facebook, 2-10-17): Angers me that the rights of the terrorist are above us the citizens, this is wrong. I don't want them here, they have plans to destroy our country, we need to protect our children, our females and the poor sheep and goats for they are crying too.
My response: Lydia, poor Lydia, I think you're mixing your medicines again. Also, how many females do you own? Are you talking about people, or some other animal? It's difficult to tell with you, what with your strange empathy for the depressed sheep and goats. Lydia, I believe you are representative of a great number of the Trump supporters, in as much as it is clear you're a total nut. Take care of yourself, Lydia, because it's unlikely the sad sheep and goats will visit you in the home. 

Jay Kestler  (on Facebook, 2-10-17): Enjoy yourself this weekend mr.president. We know you will come out swinging Monday morning. Your doing a great job and starting to win people over.
My response: Oh, he's a swinger, all right. He has children from three different women. By the way, Jay, it's "you're doing a great job," not "your doing a great job." You might want to read over your silliness before posting it. Okay, Sugar Pie?  

Rhonda L. Castellanos (on Facebook, 2-10-17): Mr. President I continue to pray for you and all the people of the Whitehouse. I'm in California and voted for you with many people hear. We support you and are proud of you. Praying that the house will start backing you up and your temporary ban passes.
My response: Rhonda, Rhonda, where do I begin? Let's start with the difference between "hear" and "here." Now, you said "voted for you with many people hear," but that just makes no sense at all. "Hear" indicates perception through the ears. There are other definitions, but I don't want to further confuse you. You meant "with many people here," as in the place where you live. Also, the White House is not one word. You wrote "Whitehouse," and that is just wrong. Wrong, Rhonda. What your lack of control of the language indicates is that you, Rhonda, are an idiot. Now, that doesn't mean you're a bad person, or that you won't be able to lead a fulfilling life. Many idiots do quite well for themselves. But it does mean that you should stop voicing your opinions. Good luck and shut up, Rhonda. 

Janise Anthony (on Facebook, 2-10-17): I love how you reach out to America with our post, comments and tweets. We feel more included in the process of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!.... One day at a time and before we know it we are there!
(Note: at the end of Janise's post, she included three hearts and three smiling faces.)
My response: Hearts and smiling faces? At first I thought you were an adult. My mistake. Hi, 12-year-old girl, did you mean "your" in place of "our"? And you probably meant "posts," not "post." Unless Donald reached out to America with some wooden post that you and your family have. Did that happen, Sweetie? 

Bob Strom  (on Ivanka Trump's Facebook page, 2-12-17): I just want you to know that you are admired and appreciated and loved by many more people than you could imagine. You are an awesome example for young ladies to look up to. Keep up the good work. Praying for you and your family and of course your Dad.
My responseMore people than she can imagine? I think she can imagine twenty people.

Theresa Brooks (on Facebook, 2-13-17): you have opened the eyes of so many. now you have to battle them with their lunacy!! They are saying Mr Trump has a Mental Disorder and is unfit to be POTUS. Unbelievable what they will stoop to.
My response: Trump is a delusional narcissist. It is true. That is why he is obsessed with everyone liking him, with how many votes he received, with the number of people attending his inauguration, and so on. He is completely unbalanced.
My second response: And what do you mean, "battle them with their lunacy"? Use someone's insanity as your own weapon?

Jane Keeney  (on Facebook, 2-13-17): I am behind you 110 %. Praying for your protection and wisdom that you need. Also praying for our nation to come together and support you.
My response: Jane, you can't be behind him 110%. That is actually impossible. And no, the nation will not support him, because he is a delusional narcissist without any ability to lead. He is a man who cares only about himself, and he and his family are using the office of the president to personally profit.
A woman named Meagan Dennis Redmund responded.
Meagan Dennis Redmund: Really Michael Doherty....so why is he not taking a salary, vowed no vacation days, and has already made good on just about all his campaign promises (in less than 4 weeks in office)?..... Not sure how thats narcissistic...do you know what the word means? Maybe you should look it up because the definition actually fits Obama to a T.... Always having to be right (his little tantrum when his sup court nom didn't get confirmed), leaving a statue of himself in the oval office, and filling positions of power with people tied to terrorists organizations.... Interesting reads...you might want to do some research to see if what your being fed is actually fact or propaganda...just a thought......
Meagan Dennis Redmund: Oh and Michael Doherty the nation ELECTED HIM.....
My response to Meagan: Meagan, are you kidding me? He is a narcissist. His biggest concern is how many people love him. That's why he is obsessed with just how many votes he got, and how many people were at his inauguration, and so on. I mean, he lies about this shit, like it matters. But that's the thing - it matters to him. Nothing matters more. And yes, his family is profiting. Melania's lawsuit is all about the millions she says she should make from her position. And what about promoting Ivanka's clothing line, for fuck's sake? Meagan, seriously, open your eyes.
My second response to MeaganOh, and the nation didn't elect him. He did not win the popular vote. He got in because the electoral college did not do its job. And let's not forget Russia's part in all of this.
(Meagan is at least slightly unbalanced. This is what she has as her introduction on her own Facebook page: "I'm a chosen follower of Christ, a daughter of the KING and TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT!")
Jane Keeney did reply.
Jane Keeney: Michael Doherty I just say lets come together and lets just give the guy a chance.
Jane Kenney: Michael Doherty 110 per cent is just a figure of speech, Mike.  

Lisa Williams  (on Facebook, 2-13-17): Don't bail out CA until the agree to stops spending our money on sanuaury cities!
My response: Lisa Williams, what the hell does "sanuaury" mean? Is that an alternative word?
My second response: Also, the what? I think you left out a noun, dear. You might want to proofread your silly messages before posting them.
Lisa Williams:   Michael if it makes YOU feel better! I changed it! Lol.
(Note: After I sent that response, she did amend her post, changing "sanuaury" to "sanctuary," but did not put a noun after "the." And of course, this post has its own problems. Why is "I changed it!" a separate sentence? And of course "Lol" is just bullshit.) 

Nicholas Speer (on Facebook, 2-13-17): You just hate a president who believes in capitalism and working class Americans , you all should be ashamed of yourselves for sticking up for illegal immigrants and terrorists who have no legal right to be in country unless we say so .Shame on you all
My response: Nicholas, any relation to Albert Speer? 

Sue Davis  (on Facebook, 2-14-17): Thank you for starting the repeal Obamacare!! Glad to see it go!!! The biggest ponzi scheme ever!! It was designed to destroy the American Dream!
My response: Yes, designed to destroy the dream of being sick and not being able to afford a doctor. We've all had that dream, right? 

Judy Moore Perez  (on Facebook, 2-14-17):  They will try to drive you crazy, stay on course, clean house and remember we voted for you, yes, an overwhelming number of stated voted for you. Not journalist or extremists.
My response: Right. Not journalists, extremists, intelligent people, educated people. But yes, an overwhelming number of racist, fearful, horrible people did vote for Donald Trump. Not a majority, of course. Or even close. In fact, he lost the popular vote by an incredible amount. But yes, a lot of stupid people voted for him, and he should remember that. You are so right, Judy Moore Perez. 

Wael Zoorob  (on Facebook, 2-14-17):  Thank you GOD for sending us the Savior (president Trump).
Thank you president Trump for Protecting the United States Of America !!!!!!! I think it is time to show all the world that they must respect the USA that Obama Destroyed !! It is time to show the worl that they must respect the American flag.

My response: So, Wael, you worship the narcissistic, racist, pussy-grabbing, abusive, moronic, delusional, criminal, mendacious shithead? And no, the worl (whatever that is - did you mean to type "world," idiot?) does not need to respect the U.S. flag. The worl (you should really learn to proofread) does not belong to the U.S. 

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