Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Final Sign The World Has Gone To Hell

Things have been grim out there, there is no denying it. But today I saw something that made me realize that the world has gone completely round the bend, and there is likely no returning from it. The rules no longer apply. Seriously. You can now have sex with your dog in the produce aisle of the supermarket. You can drive your bus up an escalator and park it in the third row of a movie theater, and stick around for multiple screenings. It is now possible to order a glass of sparrow urine at the best restaurants in town, drink it through a straw while the wait staff molest your car outside. Little old ladies will soon demand entrance to your bedroom to watch you cry on your wife's shoulder, and they will critique you: "Louder!" "Cry like you mean it!" Video games will contain footage from your wedding, and children will be able to rape the bride's maids repeatedly in order to get a high score. It's already happening. So what was it I saw today? This...

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