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Fun With Trump Supporters: A Game Everyone Can Play

Like most of you, I've been in a foul mood since the election. I keep trying to ignore the idiots and the racists, but I keep failing. And it's not that I think by responding to their bullshit that I'm going to get them to change at all. I don't think people really change. But I am hoping that they'll be shamed into keeping quiet, and will be less likely to share their horrible opinions. Also, it's a way to blow off some steam.  Some of my responses have anger behind them, but then later on I decided to make fun of these people by agreeing with them, which was a whole lot of fun. You should try it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this.

Reg Fields  (on Facebook, 2-26-17): "It's time for everyone to boycott the Oscars tonight and show them what we think. Look at your 401K balance instead. No need to see a President Trump bashing session. Keep up the good work Mr. President, I'm not tired of winning yet! MAGA!!"
My response: "I don't watch the Oscars either, but it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Look, if you support Donald Trump, you are a fascist. That's the real issue here. Nothing to do with Clinton. Nothing to do with Obama. Nothing to do with Streep. It has to do with you and your own awful mentality. You need to come to terms with that. Own up to it. Supporters of Donald Trump are racists and fascists. That's it."

Faye Denny (on Facebook, 2-26-17): "thank you for being you and I as well as many are backing you all the way keep being the voice of the silent majority.......... thank you"
My response: "Faye, you need punctuation. Are you thanking him for being him (who else could he be?), or are you thanking him for being him and you (which is weird)? And if he's the voice of the silent majority, and you're including yourself in that group, then shouldn't you just shut the fuck up? Remain silent, you moron."

Rob Smith  (on Facebook, 2-26-17): "Please cut off funding to liberal colleges, California in general, and use federal troops in Chicago and on these riotous looters and protestors who are burning property and businesses. Thank you!"
My response: "Rob, it's clear that you have no use for education. But others do. Others actually want to learn, to be informed. But I understand that in some ways it might seem easier to just turn your brain off and step in line with the fascists. Just be honest about your choices, Rob, and wear your swastika proudly."

Dovid Stanton  (on Facebook, 2-26-17): "And people say other countries are laughing at us because of Trump. Baaaaahahahahaha Yeahhhh I think not. Democrat's fighting for men to use women's rest room and vice versa, obsessed with Russia, seek sanctuary for illegals and refugees over their own struggling citizens... Hmm I genuinely don't think Trump is the problem."
My response: " Dovid, which Democrat specifically is fighting for that? You used an apostrophe ("Democrat's fighting"), indicating that just one Democrat is fighting. So who is it? If there is an intelligent person there in the room with you, why not have him or her proofread your nonsense for you before you post? And if there are no intelligent people willing to help you, why not keep your ridiculous thoughts to yourself?"
Mandy Denise Troxel: "Michael the whole left is fighting for what she states don't you research, i say no because your more worried about a her misspelling then her truthful post, proof of your stupidy."
My response: "Mandy Denise Troxel, holy moly, your post is full of errors. Hire a proofreader, you fucking moron."
Then I went to Mandy's page, and was able to respond to her posts on her page. So I decided to give her a bit of schooling there rather than in that long thread. I reminded her of what she posted, by copying and pasting it. Then I corrected it.
My response: "Now, this is what you should have typed: 'Michael, the whole left is fighting for what she states. Don't you research? I say, no, because you're more worried about a misspelling than her truthful post, which is proof of your stupidity.' There are at least ten errors in your post. Ten, Mandy, in such a short post."
Second response: "I mean, you misspelled 'stupidity.' How is that for stupidity?"  

Abbi Ridenour-Barrett (on Facebook, 2-26-17): "Melania looks so beautiful. President not so bad either, but , i think i am in old lady love with that sweet girl. So much like Jackie K, graceful,poised and beautiful, just absolutely lovely. she just makes my heart smile when i see her."
(And several people responded, like Charles Ryan, who wrote, "Tracy....Amen! So nice to have class and elegance back in the White House after all of these years!") 
My response: "Oh sure, Melania is a class act all the way. You just have to ignore the nude photos she posed for, and of course the recent lawsuit. Also, the rumors that she was planning on divorcing Donald Trump before the campaign."
My second response: "Oh, and also you have to ignore the fact that Melania worked illegally in the United States before becoming a citizen. But one thing you can say about Trump supporters, they are able to overlook an incredible amount of stuff."
Kimberly A. Theile: "And First Lady Melania Trump is an excellent Mother to their young Son. Just think about all of the good things we have to look forward to watching the special activities from the WH. The Easter egg roll. The 4th of July. The pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey. The WH Christmas Tree. Christmas inside the WH. (I hope the Trump's put a HUGE Nativity Scene, lit of course, on the WH lawn!)"
My response: "Kimberly A. Theile, wow, those things don't matter at all. What matters is that the environment is at risk with Scott Pruitt heading the EPA. What matters is that education is at risk with Betsy DeVos. What matters is that Donald Trump is trying to eliminate the free press. Not the goddamn holiday celebrations at the White House. Pardoning of the turkey? Are you kidding me, Kimberly?"
Ana Hartmann: "Michael Doherty Try and get over it, Michael!"
My response: "Ana Hartmann, get over it? Is that what you've done? Get over the coming destruction of our environment? What do you mean? Just forget all the lies that Donald can't stop telling? Just relax and enjoy the end of democracy? That's your advice?"  
My second response: "I guess Ana Hartmann has accepted that our country has gone to hell. And maybe she's right - maybe we should all just give up and get over it. Get over that our nation was once not so bad. Get over that we had a free press. Get over that the office of the president commanded some respect. Get over the idea that health and education and the environment were important."
Dave Mayer: "Michael Doherty get a life. Your party lost. Respect Trump you loser and all of his follower's."
My response: "Dave Mayer, you moron, this has nothing to do with parties. I am not, for your information, a Democrat."
My second response: " Dave Mayer sounds like the perfect little Nazi. He will likely get along quite well with this administration. Good for you, Davy."
My third response: "Also, Dave Mayer, there shouldn't be an apostrophe in "followers." Proofread your messages before posting, you moron."
Ann Lewis: "Michael Doherty Our country was in Hell and now it's getting better. Time for you to get over your eyes and ears. Real Americans are celebrating!!!!!!!!"
My response: "Ann Lewis, wow, you must really mean what you say. Look at all those exclamation points. Ann, you don't know it yet, but we're in serious trouble."  
Debra Smith: "Michael Doherty It is unfortunate that they did not teach maturity at the University of Oregon. Funny how I have never heard of health care being in the constitution and it seems that common core, teachers unions and lack of consequences have pretty much destroyed education. Not to mention the lack of educations persceived value. Heck why should the low income urban students worry about studying when they have gotten free Obama phones and welfare and mom ( because dad isn't around) either doesn't work or doesn't make much and is doing fine on the government dole. Mom doesn't have the energy to make them care about school or doesn't care herself, or is too busy with her life and entertainments. Same goes for dads. Or maybe one or both are in prison. Or maybe the kids make enough selling drugs and don't feel the need to learn that school stuff. Then there are the gangs.... And it is not only the urban kids it is just about everywhere. Parents do not teach respect any more or consequences and that dear is why we see what we are seeing happening in Portland with the riots and in other place as well. We see adults having temper tantrums because they did not get their own ways. Then when authority (cops) comes along they do not respect it and then they get hauled away calling fowl because mommy and daddy screwed up and did not teach them the meaning of the words. So much for your Health and your Education... As for your environment... That will be a wait and see. The previous administration swung the pendulum way to far to one side. There must be a balance kept. I am hoping that in the release of the pendulum it is not aloud to swing to the other side. You have been quite nasty here. You and your opinions are not all that great. But they are yours. Good for you. Looks like your parents missed out on some key parenting points as well. Have a nice life. GOD Bless  
My response: "Debra Smith, I started to read your long post, but there are so many mistakes - incorrect words and so on - that it's difficult for me to take seriously anything you might have to say. It's a shame that you didn't get an education yourself."
Amber Stiles: "Micheal is it hard always being a crybaby liberal snowflake? Probably pretty easy I would assume, not working, trolling comment feeds and pretending to know exactly what you're talking about, when in reality you're just going off what your other liberal crybaby friends are saying. I'm sure you think you're funny and are speaking truth but it's actually the total opposite. So go on back to your safe space and whine to your other snowflake friends that are also jealous we won and that things are getting done now that we have a REAL president."
My response: "Amber Stiles, could you at least make the effort to spell my name correctly? And don't use stupid terms like "snowflake." Your response is full of air."

On February 28th, there was a long thread on Facebook, about a variety of nonsense. One of the topics was, of course, pussy-grabbing. So I offered this, you know, to calm everybody down: "Friends, it's all right to grab Trump supporters by the pussy. You don't have to tell them, you don't have to warn them. Just do it. They like it. It's okay. Everyone wins! Just like Donald says. And I, for one, never get tired of winning."

Jerry Temple (on Facebook, 2-28-17): "It's always good to know a little about alot.that way you show intelligence and can win you're argument.Be loyal and Honest.everyone have democratic who are not loyal to there own President or Americans loyal to there own President.then how could another Nation trust us.. Democratic show disloyalty and there behavior is never can win a argument with selfish democratic.they always think there right even if there wrong. Even dying in front of there face over there mistakes.they will never admit there wrong.because they are selfish. Democratic are not any different then a prosecutor who falsely judge and gets a innocent defendant convicted"
My response: "Jerry Temple, wow. Okay, it's time for an English lesson. Had you attended school, you would have known a few of these things. But, hey, I'm not blaming you. All right. First sentence. "A lot" is actually two words, not one. Then your second sentence should be begin with a capital letter, and there should be a space after the period. Also, I would include a comma after "That way." A lot of people incorrectly use "your" when "you're" is needed, but you actually did the reverse, a very rare error. It should be "your argument," not "you're argument." Again, put a space after that period. But good work using a capital letter to begin your third sentence. You get a star for that, Jerry. However, "honest" does not need a capital letter. But "everyone," which begins your next sentence, certainly does require a capital E. And once again, you forgot to include a space between sentences. And then for some reason you included a period in the middle of your next sentence. I'm not sure what that's about. Then I think you meant to type "Democrats," not "democratic" in the line "you have democratic who are not loyal." And then, oh boy, you used "there" when you should have typed "their." That's a common error among the uneducated, so don't feel too bad about it. Actually, you do it twice in that sentence. And you capitalize "President" twice when it's not needed. Again, the next sentence should begin with a capital letter, and again you need a space between sentences. "Nation" shouldn't be capitalized. And you should have a question mark at the end of that sentence, not two periods. Why would you ever use two periods? Oops, you put "Democratic" instead of "Democrats" again. You see, "democratic" is an adjective, and adjectives are not the subjects of sentences. You confused "there" and "their" again, and then a little later confuse "there" and "they're." Also, you continue to forget to capitalize the first word of each sentence, and to put a space between sentences. You make a lot of the same mistakes toward the end there, but also some new ones. You don't need a period after "wrong." You could put a comma there if you'd like. Then you confuse "then" and "than." Also, it should be "falsely judges," not "falsely judge." And it should be "an innocent," not "a innocent." Not even young children get that one wrong. And at the end, you do need a period" 
Jerry Temple's response: "Oh my fricken seriously are democratic illness.Hollywood fallen butt hole stars are practice liars that get rich lying in front of the camera.US government hasn't accomplish one dam goal in all of the middle want to give me some kind of lesson?I Teach Teachers.I don't get taught"
My response: "Jerry Temple, it's going to take practice. So far you haven't learned anything. Why don't you practice on paper for a while, then when you think you've got the hang of it, come back to the online community? Good luck, Jerry."
Jerry then apparently deleted both posts from Facebook, so I added this remark: "Hey, it looks like Jerry Temple deleted his two error-ridden posts. Perhaps he's doing his best to correct his mistakes on paper, as I suggested. I hope so. Also, I did copy his messages before he deleted them, and they will appear on a future blog post, credited to Jerry Temple, of course. So look for that, friends."
I then copied and pasted his second post, because it seemed some other Facebook readers wanted to see it. I then added this: "He teaches teachers. He doesn't get taught. That's Jerry Temple, folks. He'll be back later." (Yes, I was in a good mood.)
Jerry Temple did come back, and sooner than I'd expected. A few minutes later, he responded: "You can't troll me always up for a fight and I don't sleep.ill fight argue debate all day all night and I'll breathe lightly.i know a little about lots.its people like I who fight and win for Trump.i was a born fighter because I enjoy it and it's fun..But, I'll tell you what? I will brush up on my grammar and touch it up a little.but if I do,then how would the poor community understand me? Should I turn away from the poor,so I can get along with a Hollywood star who knows grammar?I don't turn away from the poor.i love the poor.All poor are my poor in China or in Russia,poor in the US or Mexico.poor in Australia or in Africa poor in Korea.i don't care where you are..I love all poor.they are my life,my family.."
My response: "Jerry Temple, hey, it looks like you're learning. But that new post still has a lot of the same errors. Keep working on it, and before you know it, you'll have a grasp on the English language to rival any 12-year-old." 
My second response: "By the way, thanks for the compliment. No one has ever called me a Hollywood star before. I love it!" 
Several others piped in on this, and Jerry Temple ended up deleting that other post as well.
Dusty McGyver: "Michael Doherty your as useless as taste buds on a rectum!" 
My response: "Dusty McGyver, I think you meant to type "you're," not "your." Being insulted by a moron just doesn't mean anything. Poor, sad Dusty.
My second response: "Also, Dusty, I think you've inadvertently revealed your main sexual interest. Nothing wrong with that, of course."

This afternoon I decided to use a different strategy...

Tess Calomino (on Facebook, 3-1-17): "I truly admire & trust president Trump, his heart truly cares about all nationalities as well all aspects the American peoples are facing/ suffering, he does relate & unities the american people in the future, know matter what a few elite demo's& fake news are trying to do, our country with common sense will unify & the hill will have no choice to work together b/c of the peoples votes as the demo's party dwindles down b/c the elites demo's really showed us no hope with their actions & horrible words demonstrated they truly don't care anymore."
My response: "Oh, Tess, I couldn't agree more! Donald truly cares about all nationalities - the Russians and the Germans. Of course, Mexicans don't count, do they? Because as Donald says, they're all rapists. And rapists shouldn't have their own nationality. That would be un-American! Other nationalities shouldn't be un-American. If they are, then Donald shouldn't care about them. I just wish the elite Democrats and the failing New York Times would just admit that Donald has been placed on the throne by God himself. Anything else they say or print is fake, and just proves that they don't care about Donald or about all nationalities, like the Russians. Thank you, Tess, for your inspiring and true post. You are a beautiful child of God and someday I hope to touch you in holy and God-fearing ways."  

Michael Spear (on Facebook, 3-1-17): "I can only speak for myself. But I have not felt more alive like this in a long time. This country is going in the Direction that the founders intended it to b. I'm sure Abraham Lincoln is smiling right know. Ty President Trump. & A big ty to the military. Us deplorables love u. Come home safe."
My response: "Michael, I couldn't agree more! I had tea with Abraham Lincoln just this afternoon, and he said that Donald Trump is precisely what he and the other founding fathers of our nation were hoping for all along. And he smiled the entire time we talked, and occasionally chuckled to himself."

Kyle Stephens  (on Facebook, 3-1-17): "Great speech, Mr. President. Now everybody is on board except for the hard core, genetically defective snowflakes. The nay sayers are losing their steam!"
My response: "You are so right, Kyle Stephens. Everybody is together now in our complete adoration of Donald Trump. Except for those damned snowflakes. Don't you just hate winter? All that shoveling. I mean, you put those snowflakes in a big pile off to the side, and then a plow comes by and shoves some of those snowflakes right back into your driveway. And they're filthy, filthy snowflakes. And who is going to take care of them? Donald, that's who! Donald promises to shovel our driveways. And that's why we all love Donald Trump, a national hero."  

Darla Verlinden (on Facebook, 3-1-17): "What an inspirational speech and how incredibly wonderful to have a President who actually cares about America again! It's been a long time coming. Thank you, President Trump! God bless you and God bless the United States of America."
My response: "Carla, you are so right! Donald is an inspiration to us all. In fact, just today I went and purchased some bricks to start construction on a wall between my property and that of my Mexican neighbors. And I sent them the bill! They were confused, and asked if I expected them to pay for all these items (there were some other things I picked up while I was out). As if they don't know! Donald will tell them. They'll pay for my wall. He is truly an inspiration to all Americans!"  

Nina Newman  (on Facebook, 3-1-17): "This is the best speech I have ever heard! I cried, I had chills...I felt the prayer going to God. I wonder if any of my Dem friends listened. I don't think so. They just perpetuate hate with their ignorance. Mr. President, I know you will change the world!"
My response: "Nina, it was the best speech ever, wasn't it? I had the chills too. Of course, my window was open. And I cried. I cried through most of the speech, and not just because my pet cat died yesterday. It was such a moving speech. Donald is the best thing ever to exist on this planet or any other. I felt the prayer going to God too! In fact, I could see it. Just for a moment. It was there, hovering above his head, a little cloud of words and spittle, with a little halo over it. At that point, I just had to get up and close my window. Donald is changing the world right now, Nina!"  

Roxane Meier  (on Facebook, 3-1-17): "We love you and support you, and will CONTINUE to do so! THANK YOU! And, do NOT listen to the haters - bottom line - they are either jealous or cray-cray. God bless you!"
My response: "Roxane, you are so right! Anyone who doesn't love Donald Trump is just jealous. They're jealous of his money and his television appearances and his prostitute and the way he puts those reporters in their place. And they're jealous of his towers and everything with his name on it. Donald shouldn't listen to anyone who doesn't love him. In fact, when the reporters are filing into the room, there should be someone at the door, asking them, "Do you love Donald Trump?" And if they say no, then they can't enter. And they should never ask him any questions that make him uncomfortable. They should just tell them they love him, and let him do whatever he wants to do. If they don't, then they're crayfish, just like you said."  

Donna Scarcelli  (on Facebook, 3-1-17): "What a wonderful, giving man. He has a big heart. He is asking the Democrats to stop fighting and work with him to make this country great again. They are so angry they can't stand loosing. They need to put on their big girl and big boy pants on and stop this ridiculous behavior. It is embarrassing that other countries are seeing this violence, and childish behavior that the Democrats are paying people to riot in the streets. I just pray they will grow up."
My response: "Donna, I couldn't agree more! Why can't everyone just get along with Donald? If they just agree with him about the millions of people who attended his inauguration, I'm sure that will get things going in the right direction. All Donald wants to do is help us all get rich. And like you said, they can't stand how Donald has made them all loose. Their big pants are loose, everything is ridiculously loose. If they could just tighten their belts, then their big girly pants would fit and not be loose, and everyone would be happy."
(By the way, Donna Scarcelli liked my comment. What do you think, friends? Does she have a sense of humor about herself, or is she too stupid to see I was making fun of her, and making fun of how she wrote "loosing" instead of "losing"?) 

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