Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fun With Trump Supporters: The Game Continues

Well, friends, though it is a terrifying horror show out there, there are things you can do to enjoy yourselves. I personally enjoy having a little fun with the Trump supporters, by responding to their insane, poorly worded comments on the social media sites. The trick is to sound supportive rather than angry with them. It confuses them, sometimes to the point where the very person I am ridiculing will like my comment. Plus, it's a whole lot of fun. Here are a few examples.

Christina Reimer Chereson (on Facebook, 2-28-17): "So utterly disgusting that the dems couldn't even wait for Donald to get the last word out of his mouth in his closing as they were leaving down the isle! HELLO DEMS! The American people watched it all and WILL remember this in 2018 and 2020! Horrifically UNAMERICAN!"
My response: "Christina, they left down an isle? There was an island there? Good eye, Christina! I didn't see the island. Was it Gilligan's isle?"

Caralluzzi Gary (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "the angry and never happy liberals will always try to bully you unless you agree with them.. they hate white southerners. freedom. the Constitution. guns. unborn babies. God. America, the Military, Trump, and Christians. and they will always defend our enemies.. and I do mean always. and then they wonder why most people dislike liberals. they are the most ignorant hateful angry spineless hypocrites that ever walked planet earth."
My response: "Caralluzzi Gary, I couldn't agree more! The liberals are just unhappy. You are right: we should focus on making them happy. What do you suggest? Maybe baking some cakes? Or taking them out dancing? That might be fun. Or perhaps if Donald told the truth occasionally, that might make them happy. I think we should try everything to make them happy. Great idea, Gary!
(By the way, Caralluzzi Gary liked my response, which is hilarious.) 

Sharon Kufis (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "President Trump please continue to do what your doing to make America great again! My Democratic friends are openly expressing their frustration with their own Party and leaving left and right! Thank you and please fight for Jeff Sessions he is a good man too!!"
My response: "I agree, Sharon! Jeff Sessions is a good man. So what if he's racist? He probably has good cause. And I heard that he opposes gay marriage only because he has a lot of gay friends and just really hates going to weddings. Who doesn't? They're awful and boring, and often you have to pay for your drinks. What's up with that? Cheap Democrats making us pay for our drinks. No wonder why they're leaving the party left and right!" 

Benjie Palomar (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "trump is working everyday while libs finds russian stuff everyday ! early in the game but we know where their minds are right now!"
My response: "Exactly, Benjie! All those liberals think about is the criminal activity of Trump and his friends. Why can't they get their minds on happier things? Like.... Well, I can't think of anything at the moment, but you know what I mean, Benjie!"
(Note: apparently Benjie does know what I mean, for he liked my comment. That pleases me tremendously.)

Sher Weisman (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "President Trump,
Don't permit the Democrats and Senator Schumer smear AG Jeff Sessions. They will then go after every person in your Administration. It is really despicable. Instead of working for America they are doing everything they can to bring you down. Past President Obama, Soros, and others are doing this. Continue President Trump with enforcing America's laws to keep us safe. We are behind you.
Thank you and God bless you!"

My response: "I agree, Sher! If they go after Sessions just because he lied under oath, where will it stop? They'll have to go after everyone in the Trump administration who lied, and like you said, that's all of them! Then where would we be? There would be government at all, no fun alternative facts. Who would keep us safe? God bless you, Sher!"

Deborah Moshier (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "Stay the course President Trump
They will try to wear you down
I have a feeling they are starting with the wrong President
God Bless you and stay safe
We the people are on your side You I know are on ours"

My response: "Deborah, you are right! You said Donald is the wrong president, and I think you're on to something. They've elected the wrong person. I hope someone is looking into this, because this could save the country a lot of trouble. If he's the wrong president, and we simply get the right president in there, then we can all get along again!"

Mick Johnson  (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "You need to keep your promise about the illegal's send all of them home and the Dreamers are kids are loseing out on college because of them . No more welfare for the dam illegals !"
My response: "Well said, Mick Johnson! And I think you're onto something with your comment about the illegal dams. I bet that's why there is all that commotion about dams bursting. They're illegal! Send those dams back to Mexico! Then the Dreamers can go back to college! God bless you, Mick Johnson."

Jan Wiseman  (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "I love that you support the military! Keeping peace through strength is a smart move. Our enemies don't respect weakness. Obama depleted and gutted our military. Thank you President Trump for rebuilding it."
My response: "I agree, Jan! The more nuclear weapons we have, the more peace we'll have! I read somewhere that for every nuclear weapon we make, we get 2% more peaceful. But those liberals don't want to hear about those figures. Our enemies respect us more and more, with every weapon we stockpile, with every delightful speech that Donald gives. Let's keep winning!" 

Classa Myers  (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "I agree and I am disgusted ..Jeff Sessions did NOTHING WRONG ..I'm done with the Democrats!! I'm done with Chuck S And Nancy P and what they did to the widow and things they said after ..The Democrats are done ..they showed 43 million people on tv ..in their white diaper dresses they no longer have the mentality to hold office ..remember Republicans Conservatives Independents ..voting day vote ALL of the democrats out"
My response: "Classa Myers, I agree! Jeff Sessions did nothing wrong! I mean, since when did it become a crime to lie under oath? The Democrats are just upset because their white diaper dresses aren't catching on in New York or Paris. And like you said, people in white dresses can't think clearly enough to hold office. I didn't know about that rule, but I am so glad you pointed it out. Bless you, Classa!"

Sandra Graham (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "Just saw an article on Face Book where Kellyanne was taking pictures in the Oval Office. A nasty remark was made by Democrat Cedric Richmond about Kellyanne kneeling on the couch in the Oval Office. It was uncalled for. I call for Cedric Richmond to step down. This was a slap at all women. This man should never be allowed in the Oval Office again. He should resign. How about all women demanding his resignation?"
My response: "Sandra, I agree! Slapping Kellyanne Conway is like slapping all women who like to take photos while crouching on a couch in the Oval Office. Women who like to take photos everywhere they go need to stand by Kellyanne! Otherwise, when will the terror end?"

Carolene Gooding (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "I think your Oval office is bugged.There all a bunch of snakes. Lord verses Devil.There all on the Devil side. Please keep going and clean up the mess.There out to destroy you but the Lord want let them.He has your back."
My response: "Carolene, I agree! The Lord wants to let the snakes destroy Donald! We need to find this Lord and his pet snakes and put a stop to this, before they attack him from behind, just as you say they will. Bless you, Carolene!" 

Jim Macdonald (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "Stay with us President Trump. This is the most ridiculous FAKE NEWS I have ever seen. We little people out here are with you and with Jeff Sessions. The Democrat Party lost me 40 years ago, and the MSM lost me 30 years ago. These people are sick and the WON'T win no matter what stunt they do."
My response: "Well said, Jim! Sometimes Donald doesn't know how many midgets support him because he doesn't look down very often. And the liberals' claim that midgets hate Donald is fake news, just like you say. Those people are sick, but don't worry, because soon they won't be able to get any medication after Donald takes away everyone's health care. And then they won't feel good enough to perform any stunts, and maybe they'll have the decency to hire some midgets like you, and you know everyone likes watching little people perform stunts! Bless you, Jim!"

Greg DeRush (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "Your 100% correct!! The stupid leftists are so desperate to come up with all this false narrative. They should be held accountable for these false accusations!! Your doing a great job President Trump!!"
My response: "Greg, darling, if you're going to call others stupid, be sure you don't confuse "you're" and "your." It kind of takes away any power your message might have had. But don't worry - your fellow Trump fans certainly didn't notice the error. Oh, pardon me, I meant errors. You did it twice."

Sherrie Dale (on Facebook, 3-2-17): "I'm from the Great State of Alabama where Jeff Sessions was our Senator. He did an AWESOME job then and he will do a GREAT job now. He is an Honest man and he exercises in a lawful way. Democrats need to stop trying to make up stuff to make them look good. THEY LOST!!"
My response: "Sherrie, I agree! Just because someone lies under oath doesn't necessarily make him dishonest! Also, we don't know if maybe some of his medications are having an adverse effect on his mental state, and confused him enough that he couldn't help but lie. Or maybe the media made him lie! We should look into that. But you're right, there is nothing illegal about the way he exercises. Even those strange squat thrusts he's so fond of seem perfectly in line with the law, so far as I can tell. So just leave him alone and let him exercise."

Robert Funk (on Facebook, 3-4-17): "President Trump, you are the most positive force in the United States. The American people want you for eight years.............and more."
My response: "Robert, absolutely! There is nothing as positive as accusing a former president of wire-tapping without a shred of evidence. There is nothing as positive as destroying the public education system. There is nothing as positive as attacking immigrants and minorities. There is nothing as positive as making transgender students feel less welcome at their schools. There is nothing as positive as bragging about abusing women."

Debbie Collins Newsome (on Facebook, 3-4-17): "He talks Directly to the people, He cannot trust the Media , and neither can we, I say keep the tweets coming. He is very Presidential , you just don't remember what a good president is irt has been so long, Some of you grew up with Obama and it is all you know. He is hampered in every way, but keeps working and has accomplished so much. I listen to the source not the so called news."
My response: "Good for you, Debbie! You bought right into the lies. Your response is exactly what the Trump regime wants. Way to step right in line there, Debbie! You're a good little Nazi, you get a lollipop." 
Cecilia Lopez Perrette responds: "Michael Doherty ...calling someone a Natzi.....Grow up and stop looking for comments of facebook to be able to attack people with your opinions. Learn how to get your opinion across without spewing your hate With words like Natzi and being condescending." 
My response: "Cecilia Lopez Perrette, learn how to spell and then we can talk." 
Katia K. Karam responds: "Michael Doherty that what is bothering spelling, i did not bother you to Elect Obacrap and NON American..." 
My response: "Katia K. Karam, wow, I can't make heads or tails of your gibberish. Anyone else care to offer thoughts on what Katia is rambling about?" 
My second response: "Katia K. Karam, oh wait, are you just a joke? KKK? That's pretty funny, I suppose. I didn't get that your absolute nonsense was just a put-on. I'll blame the alcohol." 
Lori Burton-Barnes responds: " 'Bought into lies'?? I think you have the wrong President. 62,000,000+ people don't make mistakes. TRUMP"
My response: "Lori Burton-Barnes, yes, bought into the lies. Have you ever heard Donald Trump speak? He can't stop lying. Everything he says is complete bullshit. And his entire regime gets in on the act. I mean, hell, Spicer couldn't even tell the truth about whether Donald had ever worn a bathrobe. Insane!"
My second response: "Lori Burton-Barnes, also, a lot of people making the same mistake doesn't keep it from being a mistake. That is some bizarre right-wing logic you use there. Good luck to you when you return to Earth."

Janie Anderson (on Facebook, 3-5-17): "Now is the time for you people to respect Our President Donald Trump stand behind him why would anyone want him to not do good.Im pround I voted for him"
My response: "Janie, while you were out, we invented this thing called punctuation. Look into it. It will be helpful to you, I promise."

Dorie Livengood Borden (on Facebook, 3-5-17): "You will go down in history as the best president since Lincoln. The Radical Left is acting like junkyard dogs cause they don''t want the swamp drained!"
My response: "If anyone sees Dorie, please contact the authorities. Her doctor says she isn't necessarily dangerous, but she is delusional. Apparently, she's been neglecting to take her medication since early November."

Karla Brauer Emerson Petermann (on Facebook, 3-6-17): "We are with you President Trump! Do not feel weary and alone! The majority of the nation is with you! And we will NEVER give up on you! God stands with all of us and is always and ever with you also! Blessings upon you and your family and staff!"
My response: "Karla, I just checked with God, and he is seriously pissed that you lied about him standing with you. He says he wants nothing to do with you, and that you should stop calling him and leaving him messages on his machine and on Facebook. He says: 'Why can't Karla take a hint? I've never responded to her messages.'"

Ed Palmer (on Facebook, 3-6-17): "One man who keeps his promises becomes the arch enemy of those who won't. His arch enemies are ours! We fought to get him there, we will fight to keep him there. Go Mr. President!!"
Then Miranda McCarroll's response: "With that said Ed. President Trump for eight years!! He isn't going anywhere! Enemies 'hate' him for being a man of his word? They can one way refugee themselves to Libya!" 
My response: "Keeping his promises? A man of his word? Will you people listen to yourselves? He lies all the time. And I mean all the time. And what about his promise to not take vacations, to not go golfing as president? What about his promise to show us his tax returns? Are you not upset that he failed to keep those promises? Are you determined to be blind to Donald's many lies, his many faults? And why? Why?" 

Ali Sajid  (on Facebook, 3-7-17): "He is men of truth.we are totally support aboriginal efforts to stimulate
Our economy.he is really really deserve
For praise

My response: "Wait, how many men is he? I understand he is two-faced. Is that what you meant? And did you mean 'deserving' there? And you probably meant to type 'of,' not 'for,' right? Actually, just what the hell do you mean? And please tell me how many men he is." 

My response: "Do you think the writing on the wall is spelled correctly? If so, then no Trump supporter wrote it. You should proofread what you type before posting it, Teresa. And why all the capital letters?"

Betty J Pose (on Facebook, 3-7-17): "Love all he is doing!!"
My response: "Me too, Betty! I love how he says 'Great' every few minutes. I love how he is attempting to dismantle the press and free speech. Who needs them? I love how he lies to everyone every time he opens his mouth. I love how he wants to get rid of the EPA. We don't need the environment, not as long as the economy is okay. I love how he is ruining public education. Who needs to be informed? After all, even the stupidest person on the planet can understand all of Donald Trump's words, and he's the only person anyone needs to listen to. Right, Betty? I love all he is doing, just like you do. I love how he brags about assaulting women. I love that he swindled people out of millions of dollars with his fake university. I love how he plays golf all the time even though he promised he wouldn't. I love that he refuses to show us his tax returns. I love that he's surrounding himself with racists. Just like you, Betty, I love everything that Donald Trump is doing!"

Adalberto Vigil (on Facebook, 3-7-17): "Its hard to fathom how ' never trumpers' and liberal snowflakes are so upset over this mans victory in our democratic system that not even news of Exxon mobile decision to create 45k jobs gets any applaud. The fact is that no matter what Trump administration does for the American People he and they will ever be good enough , they will get no credit , their hatred for the man will always be greater. I feel a bit sorry for those who rather live with the hate than have any hope that Trump could possibility do good for the country and its citizens."
My response: "Adalberto, 'applaud' is a verb, you moron. Also, the thing about snowflakes - since you people insist on using that word - is that every one is unique. Remember? That is the one thing we're taught about snowflakes. Every snowflake is unique. Unlike Trump supporters. They are all the same - stupid, loud, ignorant racist shitheads. Have a nice day!" 

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