Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sony Refuses To Correct The Problem, Or Even Respond

I purchased a Sony Blu-ray player which did not include a necessary component. I've contacted Sony about this, but they have not yet resolved the issue. Sony is apparently ignoring my message, which of course makes it unlikely that I would purchase something from that company again. It's also a matter of trust. I am unlikely to purchase Sony products again because I'll be wondering what necessary element will be missing. It's not just that the necessary item was missing, but that there was no warning on the box indicating that I would have to purchase something else. When batteries aren't included, but are needed, it says so on the box. So why wouldn't Sony warn me about the HDMI cable not being included? It's deception. They want you to think the player costs twenty dollars less than it actually does.

Here is the email that I sent to Matthew Parnell, Public Relations for Sony on July 3, 2015, before I heard back from the company via Facebook:

Dear Matthew Parnell,
    Recently I purchased a Sony Blu-ray player (BDP-S1500) at Target. Today I went to hook it to my television. Step 1 in the instruction sheet says, "Connect the player to your TV with a High Speed HDMI Cable." But none was included in the box. Figuring that was a mistake, and that I needed to return my player for one with the cable, I called Target. The electronics guy there told me that the cable isn't included. But how can that be? The cable is not an accessory, but a vital component of the player. And on the box, there is no indication that such a vital element isn't included. There is, however, this message on the box: "Wired Ethernet Cable for Streaming Services. Cable not included." So if you're alerting customers that this cord isn't included, why aren't you alerting them that an even more important element is missing? My Sony DVD player came with all necessary cords. Why not the Blu-ray player? When I purchased the player, I assumed I would have everything necessary. So I am quite upset about this. What I request is that from now on you include the cable in the box, or if this impossible for some reason, that you post some sort of warning on the box. Also, I would like to be reimbursed for my purchase of the cable, since I should not have had to purchase it, and was given no warning that I would need to. I bought the least expensive one I could find. It was $14.79, plus $1.33 tax, for a total of $16.12. I will attach photos of my receipts for the player and the cable, and also photos of the player box, including the detail I mentioned about the "Ethernet Cable for Streaming Services." Please send the reimbursement to me at this address:

Michael Doherty

Thank you for seeing to this promptly. I appreciate it.
Michael Doherty

I have not yet received a response, and nearly a month has passed. I've also not received a message to my last message to Sony on Facebook.

Sony contacted me within two hours of this post going up, and the issue now seems to be resolved. I am hoping that in the future the company will either include the necessary component, or will alert the customers about what is not included. It seems likely to me that the second will happen.

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