Wednesday, June 25, 2014

For Love Of Mistress Boobilicious

Mistress Boobilicious inspires artists to create unspeakable works, pieces that can be shown in no gallery for the cries and accusations of indecency that would surely issue forth from prudes and pundits as a result. Religious leaders scoop out their own eyes as the only way to avoid the greatest temptation, because they can't trust themselves. Action becomes involuntary, like salivating. Mistress Boobilicious inspires much of that as well, from men, women, animals, anything within a certain radius. Even tall trees lean over to get a better look at her as she walks by. I heard a tale - and I believe it - of a corpse rising out of his coffin in an effort to get a hand on one of her remarkable breasts. He was unsuccessful, and died a second time of despair at his failure.

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