Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland" Is Actually Boring

Well, today i saw Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland." It's pretty disappointing. He took Alice and made her like twenty years old, so right away the sense of wonder that a child would have is gone. Also, in this story, she's been having a nightmare about Wonderland since she was a child - the same dream over and over. So when she gets to Wonderland, it's familiar to her. That too takes away from the sense of adventure and excitement. Also, she assumes it's a dream, so she's not afraid. She doesn't feel that she's in any danger, and so we don't fear for her either. Basically, nothing that happens there matters to her, and so none of it matters to us.

In an early scene, when she was a child, her father had told her that she can pinch herself to wake herself up. But when she tries that and it fails to work, she doesn't panic. Wouldn't that at least freak her out? Wouldn't she start to be scared? No, because she's still convinced that she's dreaming.

It's a shame, but this version of "Alice In Wonderland" is boring.

It does look cool, but there is almost too much to look at. Instead of Tim Burton picking a few things to make interesting, a few things for us to look at, a few things to dazzle Alice, he basically fills the screen with stuff. And so because there is so much, it all blends together, and nothing sticks out at all. It's like a cool painting that you want to look at for a few minutes and then move on. (Also, i saw it in 3D, so it was like a painting that jumped out at me, and when i was done with it, kept on jumping out.)

However, Helena Bonham Carter is really good as the Red Queen. She is totally enjoyable. And Johnny Depp is good as the Mad Hatter. And actually Mia Wasikowska is fine as Alice. None of the actors are to blame for this film not working. No, it's Tim Burton's fault. Tim Burton has made one excellent film, "Ed Wood." And he's made a few good films, such as "Edward Scissorhands." But this one, sadly, falls flat. How can someone make "Alice In Wonderland" boring? Well, take out the sense of wonder. And that's what Tim Burton did.

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