Monday, March 15, 2010

I Accept CDs and DVDs, But Will Have To Check My Address Before You Send Them

If anyone has a CD or movie he or she would like me to review, send me an email. I'm always happy to get turned onto new music or films.

I feel like pointing out at this time that i am not certain of anything. Not even my own address, though i've lived in this apartment for something like ten years. I needed to send my address to someone in order to receive some CDs, and i felt a need to check it first. I had a letter that was recently sent to me, and i looked at the address on it. I figured, well, this letter reached me so the address must be correct. Is this normal?

I also have this issue whenever i send stuff to my parents. And that's an address that was mine for the first eighteen years of my life. Why am i uncertain of it? The thing is, i never get it wrong. It's just that it never looks right.

Still, i am able to state my opinions on the merits of any album or film. So there's that.

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