Saturday, March 13, 2010

Suite 101 Won't Let Me Publish My Article

I'm trying to publish a review of the terrible film The Creeping Terror. I keep getting a message from Suite 101, saying my article is too long. This happened once before, with my review of Blood Angels. In that case, i just cut a few lines, and even though it was still longer than the recommended length, the article was published. This time it just keeps telling me the same thing: "Your article is very long - 1164 words. Please edit to focus it around a specific search phrase or consider breaking the article into 2 or more interlinked stand alone articles. The recommended length per article is 400 - 800 words."

The key word there is "recommended." It's recommended, not required. So fucking hell, publish the damn thing. I've already cut more than i wanted to.

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