Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Boobs Malone And Her Chamber Of Horrors

Boobs Malone is one of the most feared and delightfully cruel criminal minds active in the Boston area today. She has a taste for the bizarre, which keeps her victims and potential victims alert and worried, but which keeps her minions entertained.

Michael, her latest victim, suddenly found himself dipped in chocolate and suspended from the ceiling by metal chains connected to a series of clamps attached to his body, leaving him dangling just a few inches above the floor. Boobs Malone then began whipping him, first with rope, then with a thin strip of rubber, and finally with a strand of barbed wire. The blood and chocolate collected beneath him, and Boobs Malone called in her favorite dogs and dwarves to lap it up while she stood above Michael and urinated on him, stinging his wounds and further entertaining her minions and exciting the dwarves, who caught some of the spray themselves.

Having temporarily exhausted herself, Boobs Malone exited the chamber to take a nap, leaving Michael in his suspended state. Just when he thought he couldn't take any more, he was rescued by none other than Mistress Boobilicious, surprising Michael, who had come to believe the persistent rumors that Boobs Malone and Mistress Boobilicious were actually the same person. Now he dedicates himself to his rescuer's pleasure.

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