Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump Supporters Are Idiots

With all that is going on, I am trying to keep a sense of humor, and generally try not to get sucked into these sorts of exchanges on Twitter or elsewhere. But check this out. I had posted this on Jackie Evancho’s Twitter page: “Just curious: are you regretting your choice to perform for Donald Trump yet?”

And someone calling himself Novice Skier responded. Here is our exchange:
  • Novice Skier: Why should she regret her choice? Her concerts are selling out.
  • Me: Because of the horrible things that Donald Trump is doing, tearing our nation apart.
  • Novice Skier: Obama tore a nation apart. Explain how Trump is doing so?
  • Me: There isn't enough space to even begin to explain it in a Twitter message.
  • Me: Novice, seriously, are you joking? Are you not paying attention? Trump is a narcissistic menace.
  • Novice Skier: Delusional hysteria and election smear are not facts fella.
  • Me: Are they alternative facts, moron?
  • Novice Skier: The space that missing is between ur ears.
  • Me: "ur"? Geez, you are a moron.Well, that explains it. Only the very stupid can continue supporting him
  • Novice Skier: Here do ur home work!
  • Me: "ur" again? "ur"? I only respond to people who understand language.
  • Novice Skier: You trying to bully me punk?
  • Me: Put a comma after the word "me."
  • Novice Skier: Grammer on Twitter, the bullies universal white flag...ROFL.
  • Me: If you knew language, you would have typed: "Grammar on Twitter: the bully's universal white flag." 
  • Novice Skier:  OMG he keeps doing it! Glad to see you graduated to someone ur own size....ROFL.
  • Me:  Are you a child? What does ROFL stand for? Anyway, I've grown tired of you.
  • Novice Skier:  Peace bro! You have defiantly brightened my day.
  • Me:  Defiantly? Did you mean "definitely"? I actually like "defiantly."

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