Thursday, November 10, 2016

Photos From Work: Downtown L.A. The Day After America Went Completely Sideways

I'm not sure just how it was decided that we would shoot not only in downtown, but at the City Hall, the day after the election. The day after many Americans proved themselves to be total lunatics. I was hungover, of course, and in a foul mood. I would go from despair to intense anger, the kind of anger where you want to drive your car into a church. You know what I'm talking about. But early in our day, our set was visited by a large number of young protestors, and that really raised my spirits. These guys were organized and respectful, and it was great to see their energy. I actually teared up. They arrived, said what they needed to say (basically asking that their families not be torn apart - remember, Donald, that crazy fucker, promised to round up all undocumented immigrants and ship them out of the country - how can that not remind you of Hitler?), and then left. The whole thing lasted something like then minutes.

Here are a few photos:

Here they come!
Running up the steps of City Hall
Our crew was sort of enveloped by the crowd.
Moments earlier this had been our set.
Then we shifted our crew to another location. And there too we were met by protestors. This time, many more of them. At one point, we were surrounded at basecamp, listening to the police reports on an officer's walkie, trying to figure out which way the vans could go to get to our set. Sometimes they couldn't go at all. Main St. was blocked, then 3rd, then 4th, and so on. Then the highways were shut down. It was insane. Most of the folks were great, but of course a few shitheads joined the group and were climbing on our equipment. Later some people attempted to steal our generator. Not cool. I don't think they were really part of the protest, but rather those total assholes who look for any excuse to do shitty things. But hey, with a president like Donald, doing shitty things seems patriotic.

Outside our basecamp.

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