Monday, September 7, 2015


The Red Sox have had an awful year, so football season starts earlier for me than usual. I tend to miss the first several Patriots games because I don't start watching football until baseball is done. This year, however, the Red Sox were finished before the All Star break (though, even now, I think, hey, they're not mathematically out of it yet).

So bring on the Pats! I am so glad Tom Brady is going to be able to play. And, by the way, please stop talking about "Deflategate." Actually, you can go ahead and talk about it, but please stop using the term "Deflategate." I really hate how everything becomes Something-gate. Look, Watergate was the name of the hotel and complex where the break-in occurred. It wasn't some controversy involving water. If it had happened at the Hilton, would you be calling this football issue Deflateton? It's fucking retarded, so just stop it.

Thank you.

Go Pats!

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