Sunday, November 18, 2012

Computer Trouble

Day spent alone. Trying desperately to put my life in some kind of order. Failing, of course. Though the stack of cardboard to be recycled is growing as I get rid of more stuff. Storing it in the kitchen until I can drop it off at a friend's, because, though we have four blue bins at the apartment building, I suspect they're actually never emptied. And it's important to recycle, you know? We had two, and they were always full. Then, rather than empty those, the building acquired two more blue bins. So there are four that are never emptied. Though neighbors like to put bags of dog shit in them.

So I try to get some work done, and when I open my laptop, there is a horrible cracking sound. And the computer won't stay open on its own. I prop it open with a teddy bear my grandmother gave me decades ago. It seems okay.  But I don't have internet access at home, and it seems weird to take a teddy bear to the library when using the internet there. And my newest fear is that my computer will break in half the next time I open it. And I'm broke. So now replacement computer for me.

At night I look around, and try to imagine I'm moving forward in some way. It's usually difficult.

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