Wednesday, January 8, 2014

be aware young Israeli's from this women she is infected with sexual disease

I have a file of cartoons and miscellaneous items that make me laugh. A while ago a friend called me to tell me he spotted a poster that had been put up in several locations in his neighborhood, a poster he was certain I'd want to add to my file. And when I saw it, I burst out laughing, and took it down to keep for myself. Whoever posted it has a wonderful grasp on the English language. My favorite bit is that the woman he is describing (or "women," as he says in the second line) is between 5.3 and 110 pounds. That's quite a range. You'd think he'd be able to narrow it down a bit. And actually, I'd love to see a woman who weighs only 5.3 pounds. That's low even for a newborn. I also love that she stole ten dollars worth of stuff from him. I wonder what it was that she stole. A T-shirt perhaps? Obviously, he meant to say ten thousand dollars. But let's face it - it would be amazing if the guy who wrote this possessed even ten dollars worth of stuff, and no one is going to believe he has ten thousand dollars worth of anything.

Anyway, I just have to share this with everyone. Because we all need a good laugh. I covered up the woman's first and middle names, as well as her eyes. After all, she's not the one we're laughing at here. Clearly the guy that posted this is completely off his nut.


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